Set Me Free

Set Me Free


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Set Me Free is an exploration of the cyclical nature of exhaustion and learning to let go of unnecessary burdens in order to experience life.


Conni McKenzie

Conni is an interdisciplinary creative professional working in the Bay Area. Over the years, she trained in a variety of dance styles and has had the opportunity to study with several companies in New York before relocating to San Francisco. It was during college that Conni first began her relationship with film to learn how to capture dance on camera. Although this still remains her passion, she has expanded into shooting and editing in a variety of genres, including portrait, travel, and dance photography, documentary film, and interdisciplinary digital arts.

Written by:

Produced by:

Conni McKenzie


Monica Frangoul, Sadie Petraitis, Whitney Bagley, Jessica-Ferdianne Teruel, Nicole Adelski, Emma Miller, Felicitas Fischer, Saharla Vetsch, Kat Flipse

Assistant Producer: Angelica Velez; Film Crew: Kayla Robinson, Ren M Abby, Reyna Brown

Screened at:

Video Creation Finalists session 6

Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
19:00 hrs

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