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L’effort commercial





Lea begins a summer job as a cashier in a large supermarket chain. In an empty and cold environment, she soon discovers the underlying violence of the work place.


Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold is a Swiss Italian director based in Paris. Her films explore the notion of political responsibility as well as the relationship man has with his environment. The question of domination is recurrent in her work, as she tries to understand where our freedom begins and where it ends. A graduate of the French ESAV cinema school in Toulouse, her first short film The Quartet, won the jury prize at the 28th Torino Film Festival in 2010. Her second film Totems, won the Pardino d'Oro for best Swiss short film at the 67th Locarno Film Festival in 2015 and was pre selected for the César Awards. Her latest film Fabula Rasa, won the Young Jury Prize at the 70th Locarno Film Festival in 2018, and was also pre selected for the César Awards. Sarah is currently writing her first feature film Wild Encounters, winner of the White Mirror award in Torino Script Lab 2019.

Written by:

Sarah Arnold

Produced by:

5A7 FILMS (Helen Olive & Martin Bertier) - France, Sensito Films (Stéphanie Douet) - France, Twosa Films (Sabine Bally) - Switzerland, Sandrine Pillon


Candice PAUILHAC, Anissa KAKI, Pascal TAGNATI

Screened at:

Short Films VO French

Room 2
Room 2
11:00 hrs

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