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“Strange” is an autobiographical story told in a visual journal style, a glimpse into an autistic author’s life exploring friendship, trails and the use of unique coping strategies.


Cameron Carr

Cameron Carr is an autistic artist currently studying at UCA Farnham as a 2nd year degree animation student. He will be studying in his 3rd year by October. Update: Cameron has just graduated UCA, and will be studying at NFTS for MA Directing Animation. He was non-verbal for many years in his early childhood; thus, he could only communicate by drawing. Making art and animation was not just simply his creative outlet, it was his best way of communicating his thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the world and people around him. One of the best examples of this is Cameron Carr’s Odyssey, a short-film condensing his two years studying pre-degree in UCA Rochester into 7 and a half minutes. Combing mixed media like photography, video, digital painting animation; and other animations he has worked on during his studies. This lead to his future films, such as 'Sparky the Spark Dog' & 'Regeneration' If you would like to see my student ID or have any further questions, please contact me via my student email:

Written by:

Cameron Carr

Produced by:

Cameron Carr


Editor: Cameron Carr; Voice Actor: Cameron Carr; Animators: Cameron Carr; Sound Design: Cameron Carr; Acting: Cameron Carr

Screened at:

Short Films VO English

Cinema Albéniz
Room 2
12:00 hrs

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