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Dedicated to all souls that were lost during these dark times, and to the brave souls that continue to fight for us all in the front lines. Strongholds honors humanity’s perseverance to fight in the face of enormous odds in every way possible. It presents the idea that temporary isolation is not an act of fear but one of courage. That quarantine and masks are not an act of hiding, but instead, a battle strategy to buy us time against a new enemy. And that in time, like many other illnesses that came before, we will prevail and return life back to its normal state of joy once again.


James William

James William is a filmmaker with specialization in CG and VFX Production and IP development for film, TV, Animation, and Scientific R&D visual research. He also specializes in VFX, Animation, Compositing, Concept and Story Development, Cinematography, Art Direction, Post-production, and Pipeline Technology Development. James work has earned him numerous awards and nominations. He is currently working on production, research, and development for Modifier Studios and Modifier Group.

Written by:

James William

Produced by:

Catherine Fairbanks, Lauren Ford, James William


James William

Editor: James William; Art Director: James William

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