The day I killed you

El día que te maté





Imagine someone, one day, sits right in front of you and tells you in detail how they are planning to kill you.


Edu Escudero

Born in 1986, Edu Escudero is graduated by the Pompeu Fabra University, completing his studies in film direction at ECIB, Plató de Cinema and ESTUDIODECINE. He has also done screenwriting studies at Escola d'escriptura Ateneu Barcelonès and David Victori workshops. For 10 years he combines his projects as a filmmaker and screenwriter with his work as an advertising creative. His works in advertising have been recognized with more than 40 awards, among which the National Creativity Award (CdeC) stands out. 2020. “Nubes”, short film in preproduction. Director and screenwriter. 2020. Music video of "Gauche Divine" for Karla amb K. Director. 2019. Short film “The day I killed you”. Director and screenwriter. 2018. Music video of “La nit no em fallarà” for Siderland and Concert Music. Director. 2018. Audiovisual pieces for “Monster”, theatrical play of the Tantarantana Theater. Director and editor. 2018. Music video of “Reina del Misteri” for Siderland and Concert Music. Director. 2017. “Ojo por ojo”, short film by Manna Films. Assistant director. 2017. “Cuentos”, short film produced by Plató de cinema and Lastcrit. Director and screenwriter.

Written by:

Edu Escudero, Begoña Ortiz

Produced by:

Marc Torramilans, Jana Llopart, Sound & Fury Films


Clara Manyós, Ramon Godino

Editor: Guiu Vallvé; DoP: Neil Murphy; Composer: Carlos Abelló , Enya Murphy

Screened at:

Short Films VO Hispanic

Room 3
Room 3
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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