The Expected

The Expected





A pregnant woman is lying in a tub. A man is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Suddenly the woman starts bleeding and moments later the man finds her drained of all her blood – her empty skin is floating in the tub. She is moved to the bedroom where she remains confined, unable to do anything but staring and blinking. The father-to-be anxiously moves around the flat until he decides to pour the blood from the tub into the couple’s aquarium. Hours, days or weeks pass. Something is moving in the aquarium. It seems to be growing larger every day, but without revealing its full shape.


Carolina Sandvik

Carolina Sandvik is an artist and filmmaker born 1988 in Avesta, Sweden. She lives and works in Malmö, and received a Master in Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy 2019. Her stop motion animations have been shown in galleries in Sweden and screened at festivals such as South by Southwest, Sitges Fantastic Film Festival and Tallinn Black Nights. Dreams from the Ocean (2018) was nominated for and The Expected (2021) won the Best Swedish Short Dragon Award at Göteborg Film Festival.

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Animation session 1

Room 6
Room 6
10:00 hrs

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