The invisible mirror

The invisible mirror


United Kingdom



At night while something has happened in a house of an old lady, a young girl dresses to go to a party. Through the dance and the music, suddenly youth and age merge together in an ephemeral and dynamic moment, ultimately connected.


Luigi Rizzo

Luigi Rizzo is a creative editor working in London. He started experimenting with the moving images creating video installation, while working in the independent music scene in Milan. After moving to London he has focussed his career as film editor and developing narrative driven personal projects. LUDWIK is a side music project brainchild of Luigi.

Written by:

Luigi Rizzo

Produced by:

Jeff Schell


Saskia Horton, Joy Constantinides

Screened at:

Video Creation Finalists session 6

Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
19:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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