The Moon, Tomasico and my Grandmother

La Luna, Tomasico y mi abuela





A grandson is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish.


Ángel Caparrós

Ángel Caparrós (Alicante, 1995) is a selftaught director and screenwriter. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, it was in 2019 he directed the short film "There are no planes in Rome", obtaining several selections and a special mention at the ABC Ibero-American Short Film Festival. In 2020 he directed his short film "Hermano" which is in the post-production phase and pending release. Filmography: -Hermano (2021) -La Luna, Tomasico y mi abuela (2021) -No hay aviones en Roma (2019) -Dulce V (2018)

Written by:

Ángel Caparrós

Produced by:

Ángel Caparrós


Ángel Caparrós, Che Sacramento, Nicolás Muñoz, Ángel García-Soto Ossorio

Screened at:

Short Films VO Hispanic

Room 3
Room 3
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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