Pedro is waiting for his date at a restaurant. Mateo, sitting on the next table, knows she’s not coming. What initially looks like two strangers engaging in small talk will slowly become an eye-opener and the discovery that Pedro and Mateo have more things in common than initially thought. Unmatch is a story about trust in modern relations in an increasingly digital world, and a reminder that things are often not what they seem.


Luis Poján

Luis Poján is an actor, screenwriter, producer and director born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. In Latin America, he worked as dubbing actor for documentaries, live-action and animated series in Etcétera Studios, Laín and Mundo Olé where he provided the voice in Spanish to characters in series such as Archie and Friends, Viewtiful Joe, Being Ian, Venture Bros., Super Milk-chan, Detective Loki Ragnarok, Transformers Cybertron, Teen Titans, Foreign Exchange or Blue Water High among others. He has studied drama and performance arts in La Lavandería (2011), in the Municipal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid (2012-2014) under the guidance of professors Oscar Miranda, Julio Escalada and Olivia Martín Abreu and, afterwards, in the School of Scenic Creation (2018-2019). Unmatch is his first short film as director and screenwriter.

Written by:

Luis Poján

Produced by:

Luis Poján, Sergio Milán, Marcos Pastor, María Andrés


Luis Poján, Marco Lavrencic

Editing: Sergio Milán, Pablo Villanueva; Music: Alex Aller

Screened at:

Short Films VO Drama Castilian

Room 4
Room 4
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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