What do you see?

Veo, veo





During the Paraguayan civil war of 1947, a girl from the red party establishes a friendly relationship with a boy of the opposing party.


Tania Cattebeke

Tania is a Paraguayan director who earned a BA in Filmmaking at Universidad Columbia del Paraguay and a BS in Psychology at Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Right now is a MFA Film Production Candidate at University of Texas at Austin and a Fulbright scholar. She has directed, produced, and written socially critical films—both fiction and documentary shorts. WHAT DO YOU SEE?, the most recent fiction short, won the Best International Short Film prize at Festival de Cine de Huelva, 2020. Her short documentary, RAQUEL, won Best Documentary at Dublin Independent Film Festival, 2018. She has also worked as a director and an executive producer on many advertising projects.

Written by:

Tania Cattebeke

Produced by:

Javier Arroyo, Andrea Gandolfo, Ivana Urízar, Ale Houston, Gabriela Sabaté


Sara Delgado, Lucero Ramírez, Hugo Paniagua

Screened at:

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