When Dance Springs

Odori ga umareru toki





Yuki Yuko has been active as an internationally acclaimed dancer of Butoh (Japanese Avant-garde dance) for more than 50 years. In 1993, she moved in Aomori Prefecture, the northern end of mainland Japan, where she started to tune into the theme of snowy and cold winter and its effects on the body. The Mt. Iwaki region, which is also known for the archeological sites from Jomon period (BCE1000 -300) is rich in natural life and seasonal foliage vividly changes. Her dance pieces have been inspired by such cycles of nature, they are depicted in the arriving and leaving of wild swans from/to Siberia, the dense forest and rapid narrows nearby her house. Her image of the body is an extension of her surroundings. Yuki Yuko sees that any movement and existence equals with dancing. When dance springs combines images and words, silences and speeds revealing the simplicity of a life that becomes itself a work of art.


Grigore Irina

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Yuki Yuko

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