When You Were Young

When You Were Young





Follow along the journey of a lifetime with two best friends who are determined to push their own limits.


Viktor Jonsson

Viktor's focus lies in collaboration between everyone involved in a project. His love of character and story cements his belief that every project is different and should therefore be approached as such. Viktor found filmmaking through his diverse passion for art. Fascinated by originality and consumed by the variety of art, film lets him express himself in a way no other form could. Viktor co-started 376 Films with the intent of collective creation and personal growth in film and life.

Written by:

Produced by:

André Havéus


Sebastian Jonsson, Peter S. Andersson, Hailee Araya, Jan Darby, Björn Alm, Augustin Sjöberg, Sebastian K. Flodin, Oliver Olofsson

Cinematographer: Paul Raphael d'Indy; Production Assistants: Alexander Bengtsson, Caroline Sjöbeck; 1st Assistant Camera: Pelle Jerkers; 2nd Assistant Camera: Caroline Sjöbeck; Gaffer: Alexander Bengtsson; Stills Photographer: Josefine Kinnvall; BTS Videographer: Augustin Sjöberg; Make-up Artist: Victoria Klingenstierna

Screened at:

Videoclip session 3 Day 1

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
19:00 hrs

Videoclip session 3 Day 2

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
19:00 hrs

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