White Horses, Silver Mine

Caballos Blancos, Mina de Plata


United States



In a small Mexican village, an unexpected car is going to take a little boy’s beloved uncle away, who has been his father’s secret lover for years.


Ziyi JIN

Ziyi JIN (1995, China) pursues a creation model similar to “nomadism”, under which she doesn’t considers herself a film director based in any country or city. Having made several experimental and narrative shorts in L.A., Jin went to Mexico in 2019 to shoot a short film "White Horses, Silver Mine." The plot revolves around the separation of two Mexican homosexual men. On balance, her works, by presenting human being’s pieces of life moments, have insight into “unsolvable” human contradictions under border cultural contexts. Jin’s background at college (UNNC) of cultural studies is the driving force behind her passion in analyzing cultural differences, and to her benefit of handling cross-culture situations in filmmaking. In 2020, she earned her MFA in Film Directing program at California Institute of the Arts.

Written by:

Ziyi JIN

Produced by:

Eduardo Vasconcelos


Juan de la Loza, Vicente Ferri, Bryan Jaramillo Martinez

Screened at:

Short Films VO Hispanic

Cinema Albéniz
Room 3
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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