Yoghurt Utopia

Yoghurt Utopia


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Whilst society shut down the asylums, it never truly found a place for the mentally ill. But when a young psychologist at a failing institution in Spain took a handful of patients and started a business, it grew into a multi-million dollar yoghurt brand that now employs hundreds of people with mental health problems. But after 35 years its founder, Cristobal Colon, needs to find a replacement to ensure the business has a future without him. Yoghurt Utopia follows a tumultuous year in the life of the La Fageda Cooperative and its workers, both inside and outside the factory.


Anna Thomson, David Baksh

ANNA THOMSON Anna has directed and series produced more than 30 films, including ‘A Great British Air Disaster’ C4, ‘World War 2: The Last Heroes’ C4, ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ Sky Arts, ‘Days That Shook the World’ BBC, ‘Al Murray’s German Adventure’ BBC, ‘Patisserie with Michel Roux’ BBC, ‘Objects of Desire’ Sky Arts and ‘Fatal Attractions’ Animal Planet. Anna is Vice-Chair for Directors UK and has several of her own projects in development with production companies. DAVID BAKSH David’s directing career started in broadcast with ITV, MTV and Channel 4, where he interviewed and shot many of the biggest names in music and the arts. His personal short films of artists, designers and performers, sometimes combined with his own poetry, music or performance, have been selected for numerous festivals including LSSF and Encounters in the UK. Alongside Yoghurt Utopia, David has also directed many innovative and successful commercial projects, creating award-winning branded work that’s both beautiful and authentic.

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