Programa: Videocreació,  Categoria: Videocreació, Durada: 17 minutos

País: Krefeld Germany, Director: Martin Gerigk

Web de la pel·lícula: http://martin-gerigk.de/audiovisual-art-ii/

Sinopsi: “Haiku | 俳句” is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the beauty of Japan and the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry of the 15th to early 20th century.


Dirección: Martin Gerigk, Guió: Martin Gerigk, Fotografia: Martin Gerigk, Arte: Martin Gerigk, Muntage: , Música Martin Gerigk, Repartiment: Eri Uchino, Cauro Hige

Informació sobre el director:

Martin Gerigk (*1972) is a composer of contemporary music. His repertoire includes compositions for orchestra and chamber music, as well as several solo concertos. In addition to his compositional work he is known for his remarkable audiovisual art. In 2007 he was engaged as “Composer in Residence” of the Orchestra of Hagen. The commissioned work “Backlights” was broadcasted in the WDR radio. His compositions are performed nationally and internationally including in Korea, Japan, USA, England, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to his work as a composer Martin Gerigk is also in demand as an arranger of orchestral and chamber music of different eras. In this context he works together with renowned international soloists and ensembles, like Vilde Frang, the Fauré Quartet or the Mandelring Quartet.

His latest films “Structures of Nature”, “Rain” and “Energy” won several international prizes.

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