Joe & The Shawl

Teatre: Cinemes Albeniz, sala: 10

Día: 5, Mes: 11, Hora: 19,

Programa: Obsessió,  Categoria: Short, Durada: 11 minutos

País: Los Angeles, USA, Director: Nicole Ballivian

Web de la pel·lícula:

Sinopsi: Joe Potay, an adorable tow truck driver really digs Kelli, a fellow North Carolinian, when he meets her as he changes her dead car battery. But Joe’s interest takes a sharp right turn when he learns that Kelli is a Muslim. Kelli finds herself stuck in Joe’s tow truck cab as he reveals his ultra-conservative white nationalist ideas. Joe informs Kelli that she’s damned to hell, so Kelli insinuates she’s left him something special in his truck.


Dirección: Nicole Ballivian, Guió: Nicole Ballivian, Fotografia: Leo Purman, Arte: , Muntage: Troy Taroy, Música Joel Hinojosa, Repartiment: Jill Galbraith, Travis Lincoln Cox

Informació sobre el director:

Nicole Ballivian is a Sundance Screenwriter Fellow and director. Her screenplay, Sleeping on Stones, was selected for the Sundance-RAWI Screenwriters Lab. Nicole wrote and directed Driving to Zigzigland, a Palestinian-American comedy feature that had over 100 festival screenings and won international awards. Nicole’s production background includes work for Warner Bros, Universal Pictures and in independent film.



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