Día: 05, Mes: 11, Hora: 19.00,

Programa: Viatge immòbil,  Categoria: Short, Durada: 20 minutos

País: Berlin United States, Director: Joshua Sternlicht

Sinopsi: “MORIN KHUUR (The Horsehead Fiddle)” is a story which melds a traditional Mongolian legend with a prevalent climate change issue in a nomadic community. This short film humanizes and expresses how water scarcity, drought and desertification has direct affect upon human relationships. Nomadic herders interconnectivity with animals and nature exposes a vulnerability whereby climate changes are exponentially felt. As these harmonious interrelationships are increasingly disrupted, community and culture itself are under threat. Animal loss, herder livelihood, disintegration of community life and urban migration all factor into this decline of nomadic life and unknown future. Morin Khuur (Horsehead Fiddle) is a traditional Mongolian instrument symbolic of cultural identity and reveals how music unites people. The legend of the Morin Khuur and contemporary issue of climate change juxtaposed together in this film offer a perspective to raise awareness and empower efforts to value and restore what human societies are losing from the past.


Dirección: Joshua Sternlicht, Guió: Joshua Sternlicht, Xueli Han, Fotografia: , Arte: , Muntage: , Música

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