Teatre: Cinemes Albeniz, sala: 7

Día: 06, Mes: 11, Hora: 19.00,

Programa: MP4 Ficció X,  Categoria: Short, Durada: 11 minutos

País: Israel, Director: Shulamit Lifshitz

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Sinopsi: Noa, a young girl trying to protect herself from the predator who roams freely around her home, tries to keep up appearances and seem happy in order not to undermine the innocence of her mother and younger sister. One night, when Noa relaxes her guard and finds herself exposed to danger, she manages at the last minute to escape from her house and seek refuge outside. Only then does she realize that her actions have transferred the danger to her younger sister.


Dirección: Shulamit Lifshitz, Guió: Shulamit Lifshitz, Fotografia: Director of Photography: Clelia Bertrand, Oriel Berkovitz; Editor: Oriel Berkovitz, Shluamit Lifshitz; Sound Design: Mitch Clyman; Original Music: Daniel Thein, Arte: , Muntage: , Música , Repartiment:

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