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Teatre: Cinemes Albeniz, sala: 9

Día: 4, Mes: 11, Hora: 15,

Programa: WTF,  Categoria: Short, Durada: 5 minutos

País: Warsaw, Poland, Director: Piotr Milczarek

Web de la pel·lícula:

Sinopsi: ‘The Rain’ is a simple animated film on collective consciousness. It talks about how no accountability for our actions pushes us to thoughtlessly follow the crowd, which may lead to a tragedy. The film also depicts a struggle of an individual with collective hypnosis and its consequences for both the individual and the crowd.


Dirección: Piotr Milczarek, Guió: Piotr Milczarek, Fotografia: Kacper Zamarło, Arte: , Muntage: Mariusz Kuś, Música , Repartiment:

Informació sobre el director:

Piotr Milczarek (1977) was born and lives in Lodz. He studied animation and special effects at the Film School in Lodz, where he is currently working as an assistant. He has directed short films such as ‘The Comic Book,’ ‘The War of the Worlds,’ ‘Mr Mister’ and The Cockroach.” He has also cowritten the script for ‘Moonshine’ by Michał Poniedzielski, cooperated on the award-winning ‘Switeź’ by Kamil Pola (storyboard, artwork), as well as worked as an animator of Balbina Bruszewska’s ‘The City is Flowing’ and Magdalena Osińska’s ‘Little Joys.’ Otherwise, he creates storyboards for commercials.



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