Los patos

Spain – Animation – 00:06:45

An excited Mari Carmen starts her first day of work in the International Sales Department of a company. However, not everything will turn out as expected. A duck has appeared on the balcony, playing around with all of Mari Carmen’s workmates and turning upside down a day Mari Carmen hoped to start off on the right foot.

Dirigida por: Ángela Arregui

2D animator and director of The ducks short film. Passionate about animation and social criticism, always with diversity representation and humor as a tool for it. She studied Fine Arts in Seville and Barcelona.


Producción: Ángela Arregui

Escrita por: Ángela Arregui, Ana María Hernández

Cast: 0

Créditos: 0


Proyectada en: Cinema Albeniz, Sala 10  –  13/09/2021  –  11:00:00  –   ESO 2021

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