Morin Khuur

Teatre: Cinemes Albeniz, sala: 10

Día: 5, Mes: 11, Hora: 15,

Programa: Viatge immòbil,  Categoria: Short, Durada: 20 minutos

País: Lisbon, Portugal, Director: Joshua Sternlicht

Web de la pel·lícula:

Sinopsi: A nomadic Mongolian community contends with climate change as modernity and tradition clash. The lures of urban life and the illness of a beloved horse lead two childhood friends on divergent paths.


Dirección: Joshua Sternlicht, Guió: 2, Fotografia: Khoroldorj ‘Hogo’ Choijoovanchig, Arte: Enkhmunkh ‘Kush’ Zorigt, Muntage: David J. Rauschning, Música Olaf Taranczewski, Repartiment: Batu – Erkhemjargal Javzanjamgan Dovchin – Khuubaatar Ulziisuren Sanaa Buurai – Delgerjargal Sharav Bayarmaa – Erdenetsetseg Tsend-Ayush

Informació sobre el director:

Eyespot Films creative founder, Joshua Sternlicht, is a director, producer, writer and educator whose films navigate the intersection between documentary and fiction. His films investigate germane issues including migration and climate change in profound and nuanced ways.
A two-time Story Circle fellow, Joshua’ s directorial film debut ‘Fool in a Bubble’ premiered at Durban International Film Festival 2010 and won Best Feature Film at the New York Documentary Film Festival. He has taught IB Film Studies at International School Manila and Shanghai Community International School. Joshua was recently a photographer at the VII agency in Warsaw, Poland and a Kodak Young Filmmakers Award recipient. Joshua holds a MA in visual art education from New York University and a BA in Film Studies at Columbia University.
Joshua has lived and worked in five countries including United States, Czech Republic, Philippines, China and currently Germany. His background as a Polish-American filmmaker, photographer and educator has enriched his international perspective evident in his work. Eyespot Films, his production company, is credited with international award winning films including ‘20,000 Cycles’ inspired by Nikola Tesla and ‘Fool in a Bubble’ exploring the struggles of South African apatheid poet /musician Syd Kitchen. Recently, Joshua has turned his focus towards directing fictional films in Bosnia and Mongolia.
With each incarnation, Joshua’s mission has been to create and share deeply personal, entertaining, and cinematic stories. His background as both filmmaker and educator imparts a unique understanding of how story and causal intent can be juxtaposed in salient ways. In addition to his creative and educational work, he’s a committed advocate for the environment. As a charter member of Charity: Water, he helped educate young students about the benefits of climate, water and energy action.



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