Thelomis Danube – “Crépuscule en mineur”

Teatre: Casa de cultura de Girona, sala: Aula-A

Día: 7, Mes: 11, Hora: 15,

Programa: Videoclip,  Categoria: Videoclip, Durada: 3 minutos

País: Paris, France, Director: Anthelme Dubois

Web de la pel·lícula:

Sinopsi: In German-occupied Paris during WWII, two musicians develop feelings for each other while trying to make their mark in the underground jazz world.


Dirección: Anthelme Dubois, Guió: Anthelme Dubois, Fotografia: Louis Evennou, Arte: , Muntage: Anthelme Dubois, Música Thelomis Danube, Repartiment:

Informació sobre el director:

Anthelme Dubois is a 25 years old director based in Paris, France, where he grew up.
After graduating from film school in 2017, he worked as a production assistant and assistant director on commercials, music videos and TV shows.
Armed with these experiences, he self-produced and directed videos for his musical side project Thelomis Danube.
He is currently writing his first short film.



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