WATER FALLS, New York City

Teatre: Fundació Valvi, sala:

Día: 03 al 06, Mes: 11, Hora: 18.00_a_21.00,

Programa: Videocreació,  Categoria: Videocreació, Durada: 12 minutos

País: New York, USA, Director: Ann Deborah Levy

Web de la pel·lícula: https://resonantimages.com/films-videos/water-falls-new-york-city/

Sinopsi: Water falling, flying, and flowing from New York City fountains echoes the moods and energy of the City. In this impressionistic, unconventional city symphony, the camera captures abstract paintings made by the falling water colored by the light it reflects and neighborhood life glimpsed through the ever-changing spaces between the streaming water as sounds of people, traffic, and the constantly falling water are heard.


Dirección: Ann Deborah Levy, Guió: , Fotografia: Ann Deborah Levy, Arte: , Muntage: Ann Deborah Levy, Música , Repartiment:

Informació sobre el director:

Ann Deborah Levy’s visually rich, award-winning films and videos have screened in the USA at: Denver International Film Festival, Athens Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, Moviate, Transient Visions Festival of the Moving Image, Another Experiment by Women Film Festival; and internationally at: Bideodromo, Bilbao, Spain; Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada; Moving Experimental Festival, Kyoto, Japan; and the Cuba Video Art Festival among others.

Screenings at other venues include: UnionDocs, Brooklyn; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Moving Image Art, Pasadena; and Cellular Cinema, Minneapolis. Her films have been programmed by Tomonari Nishikawa, Joel Schlemowitz, Lorenzo Gattorna, Lili White, Chris Lynn, Tova Beck-Friedman, and Allana Simone.



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