Wisemen, God, and Wednesday

Teatre: Fundació Valvi, sala:

Día: 03 al 06, Mes: 11, Hora: 18.00_a_21.00,

Programa: Videocreació,  Categoria: Videocreació, Durada: 7 minutos

País: Vancouver Canada, Director: Sam Luk

Web de la pel·lícula: https://cargocollective.com/samluk/Wisemen-God-and-Wednesday

Sinopsi: Within three diverse pairs of eyes are born three souls that converge: Samwise and Stevie grew up with homelessness in BC and Nova Scotia; Ianos is a gender-queer Greek; Kwaku is a single father who came from extreme poverty and famine.


Dirección: Sam Luk, Guió: Sam Luk, Fotografia: Sam Luk, Arte: Sam Luk, Muntage: Sam Luk, Música Sam Cooke / L. Young, Repartiment: Moses Ayamega

Informació sobre el director:

Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Sam Luk began working for the screen in 2009, writing and directing two short films that entered the international festival circuit. He also worked as a finishing editor for many broadcast and theatrical projects, including CBC’s The Nature Of Things and the animated feature film Window Horses.



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